My apologies, but a confluence of events has taken my attention from blogging.

During the absence, I’ve done a good bit of thinking and research related to the societal impacts of creating a ‘family farm’ training operation.

Most of the research has revolved around thinking about family.

I’ve previously blogged about some of the social implications/problems with our ‘self’ orientation.

The more I look at law over the past 60 years, the more problems I see…and the more destructive I see law with respect to family and community.

The great irony is that the entire purpose of law is to maintain society. If our law begins to ‘prioritize’¬†the individual over the family and community, then the law and the judicial system becomes the antithesis of its sole purpose.

Certain parts of our legal system have specifically lost sight of core judicial meaning. Family Court in my region is now almost exclusively about individuals. As a result it has degraded to a petty, materialistic bickering forum.

When we began the Organic Farmer Training Facility and Ripen initiatives I did not realize that we were headed into the eye of an enormous and destructive social storm.

I understood the condition of the agricultural economy and rural communities. The relationship between those conditions and our national judicial system was not as obvious.

For a country that was formed specifically to structure a government to limit the power of any individual (and structured amazingly well to achieve that end) we have lost our way.

Some recent writers have put the dilemma in terms of our societal ‘soul.’

I think a great many in our society have the desire for a healthy soul.

My concern is more that a very, very small number of self-interested individuals have had some success at changing our legal system to alter the course of our national history…and the explicit intention of the founding citizens to, as they put it, structure a society around law and God.

Selfish actions with the law have pitted people against people in the most harmful way – the destruction of family and community.