The Meaning of Breakfast Hash

I’ve been going to a great little spot in Warren, Rhode Island for Sunday breakfast.

Eli’s Kitchen

Almost always get the breakfast hash with eggs.

Yesterday’s offering was delicious and hearty.

While I’m eating I suddenly realize the meaning of Eli’s hash.

My grandmother and grandfather, Anna and John Reinstedler, had a 64 acre vegetable farm (truck farm) with chickens and hogs.

It was a ‘people intensive’ operation so the kitchen was huge and the table probably accommodated 15 people. During growing season the kitchen ran all day long.

Saturday was a big baking day…lots of German baked treats.

Kuchen was a crowd pleaser….and there were always seasonal fruit kuchen on Sunday morning.

Sunday was also my grandmother’s version of breakfast hash. She would combine everything ‘left’ – nothing went to waste.

She always fed herself last…and with what was ‘left’ – she loved bone marrow when everyone was finished with their chicken.

She had a wonderful taste intuition for how to combine a piece of this with a handful of that, some herbs…either in an iron skillet, sometimes a casserole.

As it turns out, Eli’s breakfast hash is an ‘ethical’ treat for me – care for all things in complex combinations.