Rhode Island’s Farm Moralist

After posting the blog entry on an appropriate agriculture for Rhode Island, I had some troubling mental aftershocks:

1) Who am I to judge Rhode Island farms, I’ve never farmed?

2) What will all the old timers and the Farm Bureau think of my audacity?

3) What will all the young, new, hyper-educated, socially minded farmers think?

4) Am I being fair to socially disadvantaged farmers who – because of language and cultural constraints – find it hard to defend themselves?

And …

5) Why am I doing this?Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

After a restless night’s sleep, I awoke realizing that I simply see a need in our community, and in America, to have an opinion about the ethics of farming. It seem sorely needed in a society that is, in my opinion, ‘politically confused’.

The blog I earlier published (the effect of political thinking on mental reasoning and intelligence) only confirmed my belief that we need good examples…mere communications will not bring about a more reasoned politics of food and farming.

Thankfully, a number of folks in the State offer good examples…so away I go as Rhode Island’s farm moralist!