Our Environmental Finance Information Meter is Struggling

I have noticed that since we restarted our EcoAsset Weblog in May of this year that the amount of meaningful new information on environmental finance seems very thin in comparison to 2008-2009. (Note to self…we also could just have our head in the sand)

It struck me over the weekend that we are much less likely to publish information/article/etc. on environmental finance in 2011 than in 2009. I think several things are going on:

1) The U. S. economy is in difficulty, and this obviously impacts ecofinance.
2) Ecosystem service market efforts, particularly public initiatives, are having a difficult time.
3) Many of the private deals and corporate planning for environmental impacts on business models do not see much media…so it is hard to guess the activity level.
4) A significant amount of political opposition to well established environmental knowledge and action.
5) The our concentration of wealth leaves only the ‘big deals’ possible. The small ‘support needed from the middle class public’ deals flounder because so is the middle class floundering.

What to expect?

Governmentally, don’t expect much…I notice a lot of reorganization at USDA NRCS…hopefully we just manage to ‘keep our thumb in the dike of natural disaster recovery’.

In terms of private and corporate wealth, there is a ton of capital on the sidelines…and a good bit of it is real (look at the cash in lots of corporate balance sheets…corporations with stable durable product/service and capable management). Google becomes more and more an ‘environmental’ company…so will many others…they will find it a logical decision of creating a durable company.