Memorial Day Bike Tour (a lighter subject)

For around the last ten years nearly every Memorial Day Weekend, my son Niall, my brother-in-law Ken Cheeseman & I do a 3 day bike road trip. We usually do a loop out to the tip of the Cape, ferry to Boston, back to Rehoboth Ma, around 200 miles. This year Ken had an acting conflict on Saturday so we shifted the trip to Western Mass.

My son is a full time frame builder, NFG Cycles (Niall Francis Gengler), so was especially sweet for me to not only be guided by him (He choose the killer route we did from Northampton to Beckett of crazy back woods roads and killer hill after killer hill) but ride a touring frame he built for me last fall. This was the first serious extended time on the frame and it performed perfecto.

This is a short film about the weekend, a hair over home movies. Warning, there is some inappropriate language. Also, the woman in the cowboy boots and bath robe is my sister-in-law Paula, a full time actor/teacher and is totally off-the-charts fun to hang around with.

hope you enjoy ….