I’ve watched with interest the various conversations, policies, and politics of globalization over the past few years. It is a vast concept…and suffers from great generalizations in the media and the political arena.

I’ve been a bit of a skeptic about much of the trade liberalization…at the same time I’ve read many well-respected economists riding the ‘globalization bandwagon.’ My concerns have been both systematic (how can we really manage the economic systems that arise?) as well as ethical (one person’s ‘good’ can be very different from another person’s ‘good’). I also see globalization often driven by the commercial desire to expand the sale of products and services I consider of little value (KFC, for example).

Today I read an article that discusses ‘globalization withdrawal’ by some of the economist that were the biggest cheerleaders:

It led me to research the author, Dani Rodrik, and find he does a very interesting blog:

I’ve always considered my skepticism was merely a lack of knowledge (‘too stupid to see the value’) and a bias toward local thinking. I find it hard to conceive of ‘global’…so how can we plan economies based upon concepts that are infinitely complex?