Criticizing Market-Based Conservation

At IUCN World Conservation Congress in Barcelona, Global Forest Coalition managing coordinator Simone Lovera said: “The report provides a number of fascinating real-life stories on how these mechanisms work out at the community-level. It forms an important addition to the increasing number of studies that focus on the potential benefits of these mechanisms for local communities and the rules and standards that are needed to generate these benefits. As the case studies describe, such rules and standards seldom exist, and even where they exist, they are not well-implemented as market mechanisms make it attractive for powerful actors to circumvent them. The costs of these mechanisms, also in terms of undermining community governance, seem to outweigh the benefits in real-life situations.”

It appears that international market-based conservation has some of the same problems that international banking has had over the past few years. I have read two articles…here is one with a link to the study released at the IUCN meeting in Spain.