Hydraulic Fracking and the Economy

For example, estimates of Pennsylvania job creation due to increased shale gas production since 2009 range from 44,000 to 72,000. In Bradford County, Pa., the 2009 unemployment rate of 10 percent has been halved because of Marcellus Shale gas development. New York’s economically depressed Southern Tier is also benefiting from gas field development in nearby Pennsylvania. Case in point: RB Robinson Contracting, Inc., a family construction business in Candor, N.Y., had eight full-time employees in 2009. Today, it provides full- and part-time work for 120 people.

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The Economic Impact of the Interstate Highway System

Since we’ve heard a lot about infrastructure improvement, I thought it might be interesting to look at the economics of interstate highways and where enviromental impacts are considered.

Here’s an interesting paper published in 2006.

Electric Cars

Treehugger.com put together an overview of electric vehicle development. I’ve seen a few of these and, for urban commuting (which is much of America’s driving), they make a lot of sense. Speaking of sensible, it’s fun just to look at some innovative machines where care has been taken to engineer the energy systems. Hurrah for scale appropriate, sensible, and thoughtful design!