Green roofs

Toronto became the first North American city to make installing green roofs on new commercial, institutional, and multifamily residential developments compulsory – now that requirements will apply to industrial developments as well

The Life of Julia

The Obama campaign has launched a ‘web-story’ called The Life of Julia. It portrays the life of a girl/woman through the lense of government – making comparisons between Obama policy and Romney platform.

The Life of Julia

Bill Bennett has written an editorical about it.

Obama’s ‘Life of Julia’ is the Wrong Vision for America

I share his concern. The Obama campaign was undoubtedly interested in the policy comparisons, but the implications of the story are profoundly cultural. It is not the story of family, community, societal health…but the story of a crass individual becoming dependent on the State.

Agribusiness Part 2

This morning my wife reinforced that I had been living life in an artificial bubble of NGOs and other private do-gooders -many of them spending most of their time gathering money to maintain their ‘do-gooderness’.

She is right! A year ago I started working with a number of young Rhode Island farmers…and Lord have they changed my ways! There ain’t no abstractions about growing things…and growing things without artifical help.

One of those new colleagues, Greg Gerritt (who is working on compost initiatives) sent this interesting article on monoculture agriculture (and the current issues with weed resistance).