Cap and Trade Benefits Connecticut

Connecticut’s commitment to the regional cap-and-trade system and subsequent investment in energy efficiency bolsters the economy, even as power plants shell out cash for their air pollution.

In the first three years of the 10-state Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Connecticut’s state government received $51.7 million of the $913.3 million awarded throughout the region. Connecticut invested 73 percent in energy efficiency initiatives; 23 percent in renewable energy projects; 5 percent on offsetting air pollution; and 1 percent on clean energy education for teachers and students.

Because of energy efficiency, the impact on Connecticut’s economy outpaced the average of the 10 states in the regional initiative, according to an economic impact study of the Northeast’s cap-and-trade system, performed by the Boston-based Analysis Group.

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McRib is Back

McDonald’s has renewed the McRib…a concoction actually composed much like sausage then ‘cut’ to shape. It has been much maligned by many.

Here is an interesting graph of the periods in which the McRib has been ‘re-introduced’.

Interesting coincidence between pork prices and McRib….their business planners at work.