Clean Energy 2030…Google Earth Engine

In 2008 proposed a plan to reduce dirty energy dependence by 2030. The plan has been updated.

The Plan

Recently, has created an app for Google Earth called ‘Google Earth Engine’ using 25 years of satellite image data to be analyzed for forest cover change in tropical forest. There plan is for the data to serve as a basis for REDD carbon market analysis.

I bring these up because – after watching America’s Congressional and Executive bodies make a mess of the discussion on both ‘paying for their already eaten pizza’ as well as future budget discussions – it seems the likelihood of our leadership being ‘leaders’ on meaningful issues is slim. It amazed me that they 1) made a crisis, 2) were unable to rationally discuss solutions, 3) …after three weeks of this ‘fiddling’… passed any budgetary decisions to a ‘commission’.

I defer energy discussions for term limit discussions. Congress should not be a career!

Environmental and Social Issues at Shareholder Meetings

Environmental and social issues were at the top of shareholders’ attention during the 2011 proxy season, according to Ernst & Young (E&Y).

About 40% of all resolutions that proceeded to a vote revolved around environmental and social issues, up from 31% last year, marking the second year in a row that these resolutions comprised the largest portion of shareholder proposals that came to a vote, according to the consultancy firm’s 2011 proxy season update.

The Article