Minnesota Spends the Big Bucks

Yesterday Minnesota voters approved the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment, the largest conservation ballot measure in history, according to The Trust for Public Land (TPL), a national conservation organization. At more than $5.5 billion dollars for land and water conservation, the winning measure nearly doubles the previous largest conservation ballot measure, New Jersey’s Constitutional Amendment in 1998, which dedicated $2.94 billion in sales tax to the Garden State Preservation Trust.

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Sustainable Livelihood

Many times over the past few years I’ve referred to our land use and environmental work in terms of their improvements to health and livelihood of communities. We have never methodically developed indicators or measures of “healthy, sustainable livelihood”…but think it is critically important.

Attached is a white paper that begins to take the issues apart and structure some approaches.

This is enormously important to the future of carbon markets and conservation finance. Without measures of social well-being we are lost.


Food Fight

An interesting review of a new movie about eating locally produced, healthy fresh food.

The reviewer points out the shortcoming of using lots of ‘elite’ chefs to sing the virtues of fresh food when the real issues are not the value of fresh, organic foods, but how to have it available (and reasonably priced) in the neighborhoods that now see only canned and processed products on their grocery shelves.